Here at Nordentyres you can find a wide range of rims. We have rims to fit most cars and tyres. We offer both steel rims and alloy rims at very reasonable prices. Can't find the right rim for your car? Then please use our Search rims option! You are also welcome to contact our customer service and we will help you to find the rims that fit the winter- and summer tyres of your car.

Did you notice that we have brought down the prices on our alloy rims for most cars?

Alloy rims are the rims that are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The fact that so many people choose alloy rims can be attributed to different factors, but their rising popularity is because more and more people have been advised to use them. It is cheaper for manufacturers to produce these rims which results in a lower price for the customers. We at Nordentyres always offer affordable prices for our alloy rims.

Alloy rims weigh less than steel rims, and even if the difference in weight between some models is little, the effect is still very big. You may not feel it when you compare with your hands, but rims that rotate while driving increase in weight. A rim increases about ten times its weight when it is rotating. It depends on the brand, but the overall weight of some racing vehicles can be reduced by 440 lbs just by choosing the right rims. For regular cars, it is often about 88-110 lbs.

A lighter car means lower fuel costs, better handling and less wear on the suspension. Another positive feature of alloy rims is that aluminium conducts heat very well. The heat generated by the brakes is dissipated, which reduces the risk of brake problems. Many also choose alloy rims for their looks. They are often much more attractive, and now standard equipment for high-end model cars.

Steel rims are found on most cars nowadays. Their advantage over alloy rims is mostly price. Steel rims have however certain advantages over other types. They are especially suited for your winter tyres. Aluminium and other light metals are very easily damaged by the salt, and to make them suitable for winter use, they must be coated. Because steel rims are lacquered, they can be used for studded tyres or friction tyres in winter. Steel rims are also much easier to clean, which is especially important during winter. Snow that freezes inside the rim, or gravel that sticks to it, can cause the car to feel less stable to drive.

Mounting the rims

To mount the rims, many parts have to match. The diameter and width must match, as well as the number of fixing points, imprint depth and bolt circle. This is why it is difficult to switch rims between different car models. We at Nordentyres have rims for most car models. For those who do not have the right tools or lack the knowledge to mount new rims, we recommend that you contact one of our partners who can be found throughout the country. They then mount your rims in a professional manner. Do this because it may be difficult to secure the rims, especially if they are made of aluminium.

Their diameters often vary and you may need to compensate for this by adjusting the tyre to avoid damaging the rim when you drive over a speed bump or curb. Mounting the rims can be done in two ways, with bolts that you screw into the screw hole in the hub, or with nuts that you attach to the existing bolts. For the second method an additional hubcap is often needed. The number of nuts or bolts to be used varies between the different manufacturers.

When you purchase alloy rims at Nordentyres, we always include a kit for mounting the wheels on the car (bolts or nuts).

Remember that if you change the size of the rims, this will change your driving experience. Larger rims mean less rubber so you feel road unevenness more from inside the vehicle. On the other hand, larger rims also mean a better steering grip.

Maintenance of the rims

It is important to take care of the rims not only because they will look good, but also for optimal function. Alloy rims require a little more maintenance than ordinary steel rims. The best way to clean both of them is to use a soft sponge and mild detergent. There is also a specially developed detergent for this purpose called car shampoo.

Aluminium erodes very easily and aggressive cleaners can damage the rim. Also remember to flush the rim with water so that the gravel and sand is washed off before you rub with the sponge. Gravel and sand may cause scratches that cannot be removed. Try to clean the tyres and rims often. Many people wash their car but simply forget the wheels, which actually are the most important things to clean after the windscreen.

Also remember that it is not just the outside of the rims have to be cleaned. Dirt also gets stuck on the inside and it must be removed in order for the wheel to stay in top condition.