Handle with care

When you receive tyres and rims from us at Nordentyres, it is important that you handle them with extreme care when you receive them and when mounting them, make sure they are entirely intact and function properly. If you have all the right tools at home and some experience in mounting new tyres and rims relatively quickly, you can mount them yourself. Otherwise we recommend that you seek assistance at a workshop.

Before you order new tyres, read the instruction manual for your car. The car manufacturer provides a list of tyres that fit the vehicle. For best results, choose any of these. Here at Nordentyres you can find tyres from all the major tyre manufacturers.


When you recieve a set of rims or complete wheels at home, you should always test-fit at least one wheel / rim on the car's front axle. When you receive loose tyres, you should always check that they are indeed the right tyres, before you start mounting them on the rim. Let the rest of the tyres / rims remain unpacked until you are satisfied that the first wheel / rim fits. If it does not fit, please contact us within 14 days.

All the same

It is important that all the tyres are from the same brand; mounting tyres from different manufacturers, can affect the car's performance and have a negative impact on the vehicle's braking.

Cleaning and other preparations

Clean the hub carefully and make sure that mounting surface of the car and the rim are smooth and clean. If the bolts / hub rings are included, these are the ones you use. Hub rings should be installed in the centre hole of the rim for optimal balance. Gently twirl the rim / wheel to be sure it is clear of brake calipers.

After mounting

There are some things that should be done right after, or some time after the mounting of new wheels: