Motorcycle tyres

Most motorcyclists know how important it is to choose the right tyre. The tyres you choose affect your driving comfort and they are also critical for your safety. Road driving surfaces can vary, as can weather conditions in different regions. So it is important to choose your tyres with great care. Nordentyres can offer motorcycle tyres from all the market's leading manufacturers at great prices. Moreover, we deliver rapidly and at low cost. To get the most out of your driving, select the right tyre for the right purpose. Check the instruction manual of your motorcycle to find out which level of air pressure and which tyre manufacturers are recommended.

High Quality Motorcycle Tyres

At Nordentyres we offer high quality motorcycle tyres at excellent prices. We think you should be able to afford good premium tyres since motorcycle tyres are that important.

Choices for motorcyclists. The most expensive tyres are not always the best tyres. When choosing your tyres, you should instead think about how you usually use your motorcycle. Racing, asphalt, enduro or off road all require tyres with different features, and we at Nordentyre offer all varieties. Grip is often the crucial factor in choosing motorcycle tyres. However, good grip often shortens the life of the tyre because it wears down the tread at a faster pace.

Ride safely with quality motorcycle tyres

Many of the better manufacturers of motorcycle tyres develop their tyres in the laboratory, and then test them on different types of racetracks. New patterns and rubber mixtures are tested over and over to find the perfect combinations. If you buy high quality motorcycle tyres, you can be sure that you always have tyres that will last and are safe. We always recommend quality tyres to our customers because we know how much of a difference this means. If an accident should occur, the choice of tyres could be a matter of life and death. In addition to the tyres, you need proper protection in traffic. As a motorcyclist, you are not surrounded by a protective box, so apart from having a pair of safe tyres, do not forget your additional safety equipment, such as helmet and other motorcycle gear.

Things to consider when ordering motorcycle tyres

If you are not experienced in ordering tyres for your motorcycle, you should be aware that there can be differences in size between the front and rear wheel. You can buy studded motorcycle tyres which makes winter driving safer. Regulations regarding the use of winter tyres for motorcycles are different from those for the cars and are not included in laws on winter tyres. More about this can be found in the motorcycle book. Note however that the rules vary by country. Find out which rules applies in a particular country before you cross its national border. Anyone who chooses to drive in winter should use tyres with substantial tread patterns to cope with the tougher conditions and ensure to ride as safe as possible. When choosing tyres, you should keep in mind what is most important to you: grip or durability. Softer rubber provide better grip but wears out faster, which means you need to replace your tyres more often.

Care and maintenance of motorcycle tyres

Motorcycle tyres do not differ that much from regular car tyres. Normally their life span is four to five years if the bike is kept in a heated garage. We recommend that you replace your tyres in good time before they are completely worn down, because driving on worn-out tyres can cause life-threatening situations.

Air pressure is difficult to understand. The rule of thumb is to always use a higher pressure in more demanding situations, such as off-road driving. Lower pressure is useful in the rain because it provides better grip. The ideal pressure for your tyres varies from brand to brand and from motorcycle to motorcycle. The pressure also affects how easily the bike will be to maneuver, and how stable it feels. These are two very important factors when driving in city or town streets. Obviously the right tyre pressure makes driving safer because it is easier to avoid sudden obstacles.

When not in use motorcycle tyres should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. By taking care of your motorcycle tyres and rims correctly, you can extend their lifespan by several years. It is important to clean the tyres often, especially if you have been riding in muddy conditions. Do not use harsh cleaners on the rims - a soft sponge and a mild car shampoo is more than sufficient. The manufacturer's warranty rarely applies to damage caused by cleaning with aggressive detergents which are corrosive. Never use steel wool or a sponge with an abrasive surface to remove stuck-on dirt. The valve cap also has an important function in extending the life of your tyre. It is best to use a metal cap to prevent dirt and dust from entering. Never ride without a valve cap: in case of damage or loss replace it directly.