Here at Nordentyres you can buy complete wheels at bargain prices. You can find models and brands from all the leading manufacturers, including products from Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, and many more. At Nordentyres we offer quality products at affordable prices and you can design your own wheels by selecting the rims and tyres yourself. It is advisable to buy a complete wheel because it can be difficult to match old rims with new tyres. In a complete wheel rims and tyres are included. We can help you find the perfect wheels for your vehicle, whether for a car or a motorcycle.

To design your own wheels

Building your own wheels is a very simple process. Simply follow four simple steps.

You will now be see a list of tyres and rims suitable for your car! Then just select the brand and price range that you prefer.


Choosing the right tyre is the key to ensuring the pleasant driving comfort of your car. In most countries, there are two types of tyres - winter and summer tyres. People who use their car year round need to have two sets of tyres because the law in many countries forbids to use the same tyres year round. Here at Nordentyres you can buy complete wheels for both winter and summer use.

Summer tyres consist of a rubber mixture that hardens in freezing temperatures so they do not provide grip on asphalt, and definitely not on winter road surfaces. Because these tyres must be used during the summer they have not the same requirements for tread depth. It is the tread pattern that allows the tyre to grip the asphalt and prevents the car from aquaplaning. In the summer a minimum tread depth of 6.06" is required. If you are having difficulty choosing your summer tyres, you can make use of the new EU tyre abelling. It entered into force in the fall of 2012 and is available for all new tyres. The labelling resembles those found on domestic appliances, and indicates the tyre's wet grip, fuel efficiency and external rolling noise.

Winter tyres are required by law in many countries during winter months, but in case of winter road conditions you should mount winter tyres earlier. There are two different types of winter tyres. Studded tyres and friction tyres. They have different qualities and fit differently depending where you usually drive and on what sort of surface. To gain approved as a winter tyre the tread depth of a tyre must be at least 0.11", but a deeper pattern is recommended. Studded tyres are the best tyres to use on icy roads, while friction tyres work best on snow.


There are two types of rims, alloy and steel. Alloy rims are becoming more popular today because it is possible to produce them at a lower cost. We at Nordentyres always offer our wheels at low prices, regardless of the material. When you order alloy rims from Nordentyres, a kit for mounting the wheels on the car (bolts or nuts) is always included. Alloy rims are lighter than traditional steel rims, and also have a longer lifespan, if cared for properly. Also, many believe that alloy rims are by far the best looking. If you choose alloy rims, it is important to keep them clean, especially on winter tyres. Snow, ice and gravel can get stuck in the rim and create an imbalance. This may also occur with steel rims. You should therefore clean your tyres and wheels regularly. There are also alloy rims that are designed for winter use. They have been treated with a protective coating, usually varnish.

Take care of your wheels in the best way

When you buy a complete wheel, it is important that you take care of it the best way for it to last as long as possible without compromising safety. Clean them regularly and also check the air pressure. It is the air that supports the vehicle's weight and the tyre should always contain the correct pressure. Excess pressure may cause the tyre to explode and insufficient pressure will accelerate rim wear. Never drive without a valve cap, since an uncapped valve will allow dirt to enter the tyre. As the road surface influences the life of your tyres, so does your personal driving style. Winter tyres should only be used in winter as warm asphalt causes incredible tread depth wear, but using the correct seasonal tyres is also better for the environment. Summer tyres can be very dangerous when used during the winter months.

Delivery and Service

Do you need help installing your complete wheel? Then contact one of the many professional workshops we have as partners. Make an appointment and we at Nordentyres ensure that the wheels will be there on the appointed day. In other words, you do not need to pick the wheels up yourself. Our partners are located all over the country.