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leading tyre manufacturers. In most countries, winter tyres can only be used in prevailing winter conditions from about December 1 to March 31. Studded tyres may be banned in certain countries. For some tyres to be considered winter tyres, they must be specifically designed for that purpose: to be used during the winter months. A deeper tread pattern, or studs, along with a unique rubber mixture are what gives winter tyres their unique properties. The tyres must be marked with M and S combinations in order to be approved as winter tyres. Today no tyre performs well as an all-weather tyre, although some tyres are marketed as if they do. Those tyres are designed for milder winters in southern Europe. Ask us at Nordentyres if you are having problems choosing your tyres.

Studless winter tyres

Studless winter tyres are also called friction tyres and have become of increasingly better quality over the years. Nowadays even some of the test winners amongst winter tyres are studless. Studless

winter tyres are far less noisy providing much better driving comfort. Friction tyres are better in snow and changing surfaces than studded tyres, but out of habit many people still choose to drive with studs. Studded tyres are still by far the best tyres to use on icy roads. The ideal surface for friction tyres is a road with snow that melts quickly without freezing. If you are you among those who often take the car abroad or drive frequently in cities, you should choose friction tyres. Friction tyres are also much cheaper than a set of studs. Check out our selection of friction tyres, where you will find all the top models from a range of well-known manufacturers.

Studded tyres

If you live in the north, then studded tyres are the only option. Studded tyres are without a doubt the best tyres for icy winter roads. The braking distance for studded tyres is significantly shorter and they save many lives every year. The advantages of studded tyres outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to choosing tyres for driving on northern winter roads.

Winter tyres - things to consider

When you switch to summer tyres you should store your winter tyres in a place that is dark and cool. Make sure the tyres are intact and clean before placing them in storage. Keep the rims on, so that when they are lying down they can be stacked on top of each other. If you are driving with old winter tyres, always be sure to have the best tyres mounted at the rear to avoid over-steer. You can use studless friction tyres all year around, but unfortunately they will wear very quickly in warm weather. This is because these tyres consists of a different type of rubber mixture. When choosing a tyre, you should consider how you drive and the environment you are driving in. Weather conditions differ considerably between different regions and should also be reflected in your choice of tyres. If you are towing a trailer and use studded tyres, then make sure the trailer has studded tyres as well. You should always use the same tyre model from the same supplier. Never combine studded tyres with friction tyres. Another thing to consider when choosing tyres is that the EU labelling that has been in force since 2012, does not apply to Scandinavian winters. Please feel free to ask us at Nordentyres if you need help in choosing new tyres.

Winter tyre test

How can I test the tyres?

Generally, tyres should have a tread depth of at least 0.11”. Just like in summer, it is recommended that you have an ample margin. To get an indication of the depth of the tread, insert a good-size coin into the tread, as there is usually 0.11” between the edge of the coin and the top of the symbol on the coin.

Winter tyres from well-known manufacturers

We offer tyres of the highest quality. Find the right tyres for your car by first selecting studded tyres (or studless tyres), and then choosing the correct tyre size. At Nordentyres you can find studded tyres from manufacturers like Nokian, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho and AGI. At Nordentyres you will also find winter tyres from the test winner, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7. We at Nordentyres are very careful to always be up to date on the latest news. We know that the difference between good tyres and bad is enormous. We want to ensure that you as a customer will get the best winter tyre you can afford. Please ask us if you have any doubts! Need help finding the right tyre size? You can find out everything you want to know about tyre sizes and winter tyres in our Tyre School.