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We welcome you to NordenTyres – tyres online for bargain prices! We sell quality-assured winter tyres, summer tyres, wheel rims and complete wheels online.

We have tyres in most sizes at affordable prices – for cars, HGVs, vans, SUVs and motorcycles – from most manufacturers. At NordenTyres you will quickly and easily find the right wheel rims and tyres online.


Are you on the hunt for new winter tyres? We have an enormous assortment of inexpensive tyres for winter, both with and without studs. With one of Europe’s largest selection of tyres online we offer everything from low-cost quality tyres to the latest award-winning tyres. So make the right choice now and buy your new tyres online at MyTyres!

There are two types of winter tyres to choose from, studded and studless. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but studded tyres are recommended for people who drive a lot in winter conditions.

Studded tyres have small metal studs in the rubber, which make them the best option for really slippery, icy roads. On the other hand, tyres without studs are very good for sleet and snow, and are also the most environmentally friendly alternative.

The composition of the rubber gives the winter tyres their unique properties. Summer tyres freeze in the cold, which can have fatal consequences, the limit being around five degrees C.

Winters tyres generally have a deeper tread pattern, which gives a firmer grip on the road surface, and the rubber does not solidify. Here at NordenTyres you will find certified winter tyres at bargain prices.


You can buy high-quality summer tyres for a great price, quickly and easily online at MyTyres. We have one of Europe’s largest ranges of tyres online. When you order new summer tyres online with us, you even have the possibility to have them sent directly to one of our partner garages, who can fit them for you. Buying tyres online has never been this easy!

Summer tyres are the ones you use for most of the year, so you should be very careful when choosing which new summer tyres to buy. Many good quality summer tyres are also suitable for autumn and spring. The rubber composition is the deciding factor for how long you can use your summer tyres. Some rubber compounds turn hard even in just slightly colder weather. Lots of people choose to switch to winter tyres as soon as the temperature drops below 5 degrees C.

Choosing your tyres

It can be a bit daunting trying to choose new tyres for your vehicle but we have a few tips, which we are happy to share:

  • Read the instruction manual for your car
    The first thing you should to do in the hunt for the best tyres is read the instruction manual for your car or vehicle. There you will see which tyres the manufacturer recommends. You can also look online to find information about which tyres will fit your car.

  • Take account of where you live.
    In the UK there is a wide variety of different landscapes, so it is important to consider the type of wear your tyres will experience. Regarding winter usage, for example: will it be the heavy winter conditions in north Scotland? Or the south of England where the winter is much milder.

  • The EU’s recommendations.
    The EU has introduced a new system for summer tyres, which consumers can use to easily compare different manufacturers' products. There is now an easy-to-read label, which indicates the roll resistance, wet grip, and noise rating.

  • Best ratings
    One effective way of finding good information about winter tyres is to check out different reviews of award-winning tyres, which you can find in various magazines. Of course it is cheapest to then buy these tyres online.

  • Check the speed specifications
    Another thing to look out for when choosing tyres is the speed rating that is required.

  • Quality tyres are a good investment
    It is easy to only look at the price when choosing tyres. Keep in mind that the cheapest tyre is not always the best. Higher quality tyres cost more but they also do not wear down as quickly as the cheaper options, as they have a better rubber/composite mix, which can handle more wear and tear. Manufacturers of good quality tyres may have better and longer guarantees on their products. Another great advantage with good quality tyres is that they reduce the car’s petrol consumption, in comparison with cheap tyres. We therefore recommend that you purchase good quality tyres online.

We at NordenTyres can offer bargain prices on quality tyres from most well known manufacturers on the market. Take a look at our wide range of summer and winter tyres online.

Choose the right tyre for your car

There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering tyres online. You need to make sure that the dimensions of the tyre fit those of your car and that the load index and speed rating are high enough. When you have found a tyre which fits your car, then you can check the EU labels. There you will be able to see how well the tyre does on three different aspects, which are: the tyre’s noise rating, rolling resistance and wet grip. Once you have found a tyre which suits your needs, then you just need to have it delivered to your house! If you buy tyres online, you are guaranteed to save a large amount of money, compared with buying the same tyres at your local tyre shop.

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When you order tyres from us we make sure that you promptly receive your purchases. We recommend that you indicate which of our partner garages you want to fit the tyres for you. NordenTyres has partners throughout the UK. When you buy tyres online you simply need to choose one of our partners to fit the tyres for you. We deliver the tyres to the garage and then all you need to do is arrange a time with the garage for when you will leave the car with them to have the new tyres fitted.

If you have any questions regarding our services or products you are welcome to contact our customer services.

Buying tyres online

Buying tyres online has become extremely popular in the last few years. Here are some of the advantages of buying your tyres online:

  • A larger selection of tyres than at any garage.
  • You can easily order your tyres from your home.
  • Tyres online are almost always cheaper than buying them at a garage.

So we recommend that you check the online prices first.